PRP Therapy (Nonsurgical Skin Rejuvenation with Platelet-Rich Plasma) – Houston, TX

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About PRP Therapy

GLO Laser & Med Spa in Houston, TX is excited to provide platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) to help refresh your appearance. PRP therapy is one of the most popular and innovative cosmetic procedures in the aesthetic industry because of its natural method and exciting results. The procedure utilizes your own plasma to stimulate your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. It can also be combined with microneedling. PRP therapy is also an excellent and effective treatment for hair loss. For more information about PRP therapy, contact the expert team at GLO Laser & Med Spa to schedule a consult. Our staff is excited to discuss all the benefits of PRP and how it can help to improve your skin.

Hair Therapy

Hair loss is a major concern for many men and women, whether it is caused by age, genetics, hormones, medical conditions, or from styling products or practices. With recent advances in research in the hair restoration field, new treatments have been created to help combat the issue. PRP shows remarkable benefits in slowing down, stopping, and reversing hair loss. It has also provided promising outcomes for patients with alopecia areata and thinning eyebrows. By mixing a powerful solution of growth factors and bioactive proteins, our team can help you attain longer, thicker, healthier locks.

Ideal Candidates

Men and women who want to improve their skin tone and texture are typically great candidates for PRP therapy. Since it naturally promotes collagen production, it is also a fantastic treatment option for rejuvenating dull-colored skin. If you would like to utilize PRP therapy for hair loss, our team is happy to walk you through the process. Please let us know if you have any blood disorders, skin conditions, or anemia to determine whether it is safe for you to receive PRP therapy.

Procedure Technique

Once you are seated comfortably in one of our private treatment rooms, a bit of blood will be taken from your arm and placed in a centrifuge machine. Usually, we take about four tablespoons worth of blood. After about 15 minutes, the different components of the blood will be separated and ready for injection. We will place the condensed plasma into a sterile syringe and inject it into the treatment areas. This process usually only takes around five minutes but can vary patient to patient.

What to Expect

Platelet-rich plasma promotes the production of elastin and collagen naturally to create younger and tighter-looking skin. Because it utilizes your own blood, the risk of an allergic reaction or adverse reaction is virtually eliminated. You should expect your face to be a tad red after the procedure as a few red blood cells are included in the plasma injection. A cold pack can be applied to the treatment site to reduce discomfort or minor swelling. We recommend you receive treatments every 4 – 6 weeks.

Glowing Skin

With PRP therapy, your skin will be healthier and brighter than before and will produce a beautiful, glowing appearance. Not only that, PRP therapy has been proven to yeild results for individuals who suffer from hair loss. PRP therapy is perfect for men and women who want to use a natural method of skin or hair rejuvenation that yields stunning results. For more information about this exciting procedure, contact our Houston, TX office to schedule a consultation today. 

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