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About Laser Acne Treatment 

Acne, at any age, is one of the most difficult and helpless cosmetic concerns we will ever face. The talented and experienced team at GLO Laser & Med Spa, led by Dr. Yujing Li, is excited to offer a solution with laser acne treatment by Cutera XEO. This effective acne treatment can be used on virtually any skin type or tone to combat stubborn, moderate to severe acne. Cutera XEO technology deeply cleans the pores to remove oil and bacteria, drastically improving your complexion. In addition, the technology reduces the size of the pores for lasting relief and improvement. Learn more about laser acne treatment and the long-term benefits by scheduling a visit to our Houston, TX medspa.

Ideal Candidates

Cutera XEO laser acne treatment is an ideal and effective treatment for healthy patients who are struggling with moderate to severe acne. In most situations, candidates have attempted oral and topical acne medications to no avail. You may also be dealing with skin damage, discoloration, and scarring caused by your acne. Candidates may also suffer from a lack of self-confidence and emotional upset resulting from their inability to clear their skin and prevent breakouts. Contact our team and schedule a consultation to learn whether you are an ideal candidate for treatment.

Procedure Technique

Your laser acne treatment will take place in the comfort of one of our minor procedure rooms where you will lie down comfortably in a treatment chair. Your skin will be prepped for treatment with gentle cleansing to remove makeup, moisturizer, and natural oils. After your eyes are covered with protective eyewear, the Cutera XEO handpiece will be slowly and meticulously passed over your skin. The advanced technology will warm the skin, delivering laser energy to the skin's surface to destroy bacteria and promote natural healing and rejuvenation. Your procedure should be completed in under an hour.

What to Expect

Patients should not apply makeup to their treated skin for at least 24 hours following treatment. Otherwise, you may return to your normal daily activities immediately without special instructions or downtime. You may notice slight redness and irritation following your treatment session. This is entirely normal and will subside naturally in the hours following the procedure. For optimal results, GLO Laser & Med Spa recommends patients receive 4 – 6 laser acne treatments scheduled a month apart.

clear your complexion

Laser acne treatment is a powerful and effective solution for combating stubborn acne and skin conditions. Depending on your needs, GLO Laser & Med Spa may be able to combine treatments to help you achieve each of your skin care goals. Regardless of your desired outcome, schedule your consultation at our Houston, TX office as a first step to a clearer complexion. 

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